Travel agent Evelyn Jenkins has been a member of the Gospel Choir of Oakland’s Gabriel Missionary Baptist Church for a year now and the handsome Pastor Watson has just asked her to set up and lead a four city tour. How could she say “No” to him?

A successful tour could help her grow her fledgling travel business.  A recommendation from Pastor Watson will send her on her way.

This will be Evelyn’s first tour with the choir and she’s looking forward to really getting to know her fellow choir members outside of church.  

It doesn’t take long for Evelyn to realize that not everyone is who they appear to be in church. Secrets are revealed. And then more secrets… Who ARE these people?

Evelyn’s a strong woman with a take charge attitude but she never expected to have to deal with a murder.

ISBN:978-0-692-39439-7 and 978-1-4951-4570-4


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