By Rozanne Baker, Amanzimtoti, South Africa


Hi Marietta, I was so honored and touched by your reply, to my e-mail – thank you very much. I do hope that you are feeling better. Thank you also for your thoughts and prayers, regarding the loss of my mother – much appreciated. I have read about your wonderful work, on your website. You really are extremely accomplished. The video, of the “Women of Today Conference”, sounds like it will be a most enjoyable occasion. 

It would have been amazing to meet with you in Johannesburg, (and I am so grateful for your kind invitation) but unfortunately, I live 7 hours drive away and don’t travel those long distances. Also, that is the very same week as my sister – who lives in the USA - will be visiting me. It would have been so exciting to discuss my lyrics, with you. I am always just waiting for some assistance, in this regard, and feel sorry that the opportunity to finally “do something” with them, will be missed. I continue to hold on to my dream, of hearing them played, one day! 

I am attaching one of my poems - called “Open Windows” – which appears in the calendar for the Alzheimer’s Association. I was sitting with my Mum, when she actually spoke those words – in inverted commas – to a friend, when she came to visit. The “window” closed again, before her friend could reply! The sister in charge of the Alzheimer’s ward where my Mum was, has got a poster version of this poem, on their wall there, in the nursing home. 

Well, thank you once again, for your reply, and kind invitation to meet. I hope that sometime in the future, our paths may cross, as , I too, believe there is a reason for everything – there are no co-incidences in life.

God bless you in your wonderful work. Love, Rozanne Baker


By Itsg8todream on August 15, 2015 This review is from: The Other Side of Alzheimer's, a Caregiver's Story (Paperback) Sometimes it's good to know and hear the stories of other experiencing the same challenges... it's never easy to see loved ones fall victim to sickness, this book will share truths about caring for an Alzheimer patient... an Alzheimer loved one...

By Peter on February 28, 2014 Very descriptive story of the life and trials of a daughter dealing with her independent mother diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Easy to read. Easy to associate with her sad story.

Claudette Lockhart on October 2, 2013 In this ambitious and insightful work Marietta Harris delivers a heartfelt account from a caregiver's perspective. I wholeheartedly identified with this book. It was most helpful and put many unanswered questions into perspective. As a former caretaker of both parents, I did not understand many of the behaviors I encountered throughout the years I who cared for them. After their passing I was left with many questions, and some regrets regarding my care for them; this book gave closure. Hats off to the Author.

Evelyn Palfrey, Author Sent: Monday, March 5, 2012 11:01 PM Subject: [EP] The Other Side of Alzheimers I read this book, and enjoyed it a lot. It's worth a read. If you haven't faced this terrible disease up close and personal--and you keep living--you will. Either as a victim or a caregiver.

By C. Fairweather on June 12, 2010 This amazing book gives an honest view of the life of a woman who is drawn into the role of caregiver. But it goes even further, and depicts that caregiving role in the context of the woman's whole life: from her San Francisco childhood with her tight-knit family, to the spreading of her wings, her response to family needs, and life after. What a journey we take with her! Great book

By Maria Shriver on October 28, 2010 “The steps you have taken to spread awareness about this mind blowing disease are extraordinary. Enjoyable read, relatable topic, great book." 

We are not alone...


By C. Carver on June 14, 2010 I'm only half way through this book but I love it. It's so nice to read about how the author grew up just like anyone else then was thrust into unavoidable circumstances with grace and poise. Even through difficulties, we can all keep ourselves from getting lost in our struggles. It's good to know there are people out there to relate to and to learn from. Thank you for writing this wonderful book. Tells it the way it really is...

By Margaret on Dec 10, 2010 Wow, I'm impressed. I really enjoyed this book. What a beautiful story. I'm going to tell me sister about this book. We've been dealing with caregiving for over a year and it does take a toil. Thanks for the book..

Reviewed by Angie Mangino 2010

When someone becomes a caregiver, one’s life takes a new direction. Thrust into a role by circumstances, we act out of love, but one tends not to fully comprehend the full impact on oneself with the focus on the day-to-day needs of those needing the care. As the person’s health deteriorates, so, too, does the life of the caregiver.  



June 2017 (Review from Mrs. Edna Muse)

Hi Marietta,
Your book was fantastic! I loved the surprise ending! I just didn't see it coming that it was ___________, until the very end.  Keep up the good work!  Let me know when your next book is coming out! I met you at Barnes and Noble on Rainbow and Lake Meade, last year and bought your book--I was with my sister.  
Your Sister in Christ!

Charmaine Reiter A good read.....

 By Idrissa Uqdah on April 25, 2015
This book was a really good read.
I came to like Evelyn as a main character and I suspected that she had an interest in solving crimes by the way she seemed to enjoy solving the gospel choir murder.
The book was pretty well written. The author took the time to present a professional manuscript.
Aside from the beginning of the book; where the author took too much time in detailing what every one was wearing, I thought it flowed better once she picked up the pace.
The characters were well-fleshed out and I enjoyed the conflict in the storyline. I could have enjoyed a little more drama though.
I think Ms. Harris wrote a good book. I am looking forward to her next literary endeavor.

Behind the Curtain
By C. Fairweather on April 21, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
The Gospel Choir Murder gave me a look into something about which I had no first-hand experience, an African-American touring gospel choir. I enjoyed learning about the unwritten rules that members follow. I have known the author for many years. I knew that she was the musical director for her church. I have heard her sing. I knew she grew up going on gospel choir tours. But this book allowed me ( a non-African-American woman) to go behind the curtain with her and see what she sees. And I was giving all the tour members a thorough scrutiny, because I love a mystery and I knew that someone among them was going to be a murderer.

By Virginia Navarro on April 8, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I enjoyed this book it kept me guessing until the end. I would have given it a higher rating if there were not so many curse words. I know it doesn't bother a lot of people. It was a good enough book though that I wanted to finish it.

Donna Simmons (April 2015)
 It was very well written and held my attention to the very end.   As I was reading the manuscript I had sooooo many theories as to “who done it”.  It wasn’t until the very end that I figured it out.  

Gospel Choir Murder By Marietta Harris

2015  Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 4 stars
A foreshadowing of murder grabs readers before the first chapter begins.
“On a hot day in Las Vegas August 15, the housekeeper at the Circus hotel knocks on the door of Room 1205, but no one answers….There was a nude body on the bloody bed with a knife protruding from the neck.”
In the first chapter, readers meet Evelyn Jenkins, a member of the Gospel Choir at Gabriel Missionary Baptist Church of Oakland, California, and learn the celebrated choir will be going on tour.
The stage is set for the choir to confront the murder. “Pastor Watson had scheduled concerts in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and San Diego.”
But, before that happens, readers first meet and get to know the “nine choir members, two deacons, two musicians and Jessie, the choir director” who will be on tour.
The author uses the first quarter of the story to slowly familiarize readers with their varied personalities, while gradually introducing clues needed when the murder takes center stage in Chapter 12, to right until the story’s satisfying resolution at the end.




Reviewed by Buffie Peterson 2017

Marietta Harris has taken the murder mystery genre to a whole new level. Normally, I can figure out “who done it?” within the first few chapters. Not this book. Just as you think you have figured it all out, Harris throws a curve ball at you. The development of the characters is superb and the story line is so well thought out, you will forget you are reading fiction. Ms. Harris has an impeccable ability to weave one mean tale! We will see more of Evelyn Jenkins, I am sure. I cannot wait to read the next installment. This is one author to keep your eye on. 




Bruce Adams is an honorably discharged veteran who has fallen on hard times. He’s been homeless for several years. Bruce has returned to Oakland CA, his hometown, at a homeless camp. Just as he was decided to turn his life around, he finds himself arrested. Now he’s in a jail cell charged with first-degree murder of a fellow homeless veteran, but he can’t remember what happened.