The Other Side of Alzheimer's, A Caregiver's Story

 When my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I did not have a step-by-step book to explain what would happen to me as a caregivers. I didn't know how to deal with my emotions. My life was drastically changed. I lived through it all so I know that being a caregiver for a loved one with a long term illness will change you forever. You evolve into a new person whether you’re ready or not. Reading my story will help you survive. Who better to help others understand what happens to them as they live through the challenge of being a caregiver? While writing this book, in the form of an autobiographical novel, I was able to release my emotions, regain the essence of who I am, and start a new life. I began to heal. I found a new me on the other side of Alzheimer's.  


The Gospel Choir Murder


This is the first book in the Evelyn Jenkins Series.

​Evelyn, the owner of a travel agency, has been a member of the Gospel Choir of Oakland Gabriel Missionary Baptist Church for the past year. The handsome Pastor has just asked her to organize and lead a four city tour. How could she say "No" to him? Besides, a successful tour could help her grow her travel business.   

This will be Evelyn's first tour with the choir and she's looking forward to getting to know her fellow choir members outside of church. It doesn't take long for Evelyn to realize that not everyone is who they appeared to be in church. Secrets are revealed. And more secrets... Who ARE these people?  Then there’s a murder


Thou Shalt Kill


This is the second book in the Evelyn Jenkins Series.

Again, Evelyn Jenkins finds herself involved in a murder. Evelyn sets up a booth at Oakland’s Baptist convention, seeking new clients for her travel business. She wasn't expecting to end up in the middle of another murder investigation, or to find herself gazing into a detective’s fine brown eyes.  Evelyn never hears the dynamic preacher who has become the talk of the town.   


Murder Without A Home

COMING SOON! This is the third Book in the Evelyn Jenkins Series

Evelyn  is involved again with a murder, but this time, 

she can get killed.

Available April 2020

MY POEM on "Oh Sister, My Sister"

My Poem "BRANCHES" by Marietta Harris

Growing up I enjoyed writing poems. I was honored to be asked by my Author friend Jvoti Wind's to contribute a poem to the book called, Oh Sister, My Sister an Anthology of Sisterhood.

If you love poetry as I do, I invite you to buy this book. It's a celebration of Sisterhood. This book is available on Amazon.